Want to get your craft beer promotion or event listed on the website?

1. Think of a craft beer event. (Or a whole bunch events!) The more unique/fun/crazy the better. We've got some suggestions below. The goal is to get people around the city talking, thinking about and drinking craft beer, so events must prominently feature and celebrate craft beer or cider.

2. Submit your event or promotion via the submission form: 

3 Send us a photo for each of your events or promotions (landscape orientation), or we won't be able to post it. Email us here:

For promotions: and specials, we'll need:
- the special/promotional title
- the promotion details, how to claim or use, how much off, minimum spend, etc
- any relevant addresses (plus shop name, phone, website)  
- a contact email (in case people have questions they need to ask)
- a landscape orientation photo (beer photo, shop photo, poster, or flyer). Must be in landscape and JPG format.

For events:
- the event name
- the event date and times
- the event location, with venue name and address
- the event description (what is it, why is it awesome, any costs)
- a contact email (in case people have questions)
- instructions for RSVP, if necessary

3. We'll post the event on our website once the event has been approved.

*Deadline for event registration is October 15, 2016.
**We can help introduce you to restaurants and bars (if you need a venue partner), or beer distributors (if you need a beer partner). Shoot us an email if you want to participate but need some help. 

- Beer & Sausage Fest
- Beer and Food Market
- Lucky Draws & Giveaways
- Beer & Burgers Block Party
- Beer Tram Party
- Desserts Made With Beer
- Beer, Cheese & Chocolate Tasting / Pairing
- Beer Junk Boat Trip
- Baked Goods Made With Beer
- Homebrewing Introduction
- Homebrewing Competition
- Homebrew Meetup & Sharing
- Blind Tasting / Taste Test Challenge
- Beer Brunch / Long Lunch / Sunday Roast

- Week-long Beer Specials & Promotions
- Beer Pairing Dinner / Beer Pairing Menu
- Beer Block Party
- Tap Takeovers

- Meet The Brewer Events
- Craft Beer Pub Crawl
- Beer Cocktail Menu

- Local Brewery Tours / Brewery Open House
- Week-long Beer Garden
- Extended Happy Hours
- Beer-themed Movie Screening / Movie Night
- Beer Scavenger Hunt / Adventure Race
- Around The World Beer Challenge
- Beer Quiz Night / Beer Geek Trivia Night
- Beer Run / Beer Mile Run
- Feature Limited Edition Beers
- Beer BBQ / Meat & Beer Cookout
- Beer Beach BBQ
- Beer of the Day Specials